Zombie Attack Barbie Gets Lock and Loaded for the Apocalypse

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: secretarcticbase & laughingsquid
It turns out that the stereotype of Barbie being blonde and ditzy isn't exactly true because if the undead rises, teaming up with the Zombie Attack Barbie is the best chance for survival.

While Barbie is known to dress pretty, smile and hang out with Ken, the Zombie Attack Barbie is all about blowing off the heads of flesh eaters. So how has creator Sarah Anne Langton up the badass factor on this seemingly sweet doll? She's loaded up Barbie with a whole lot of weapons that have literally made her a one woman army. The gal is loaded with weapons that include bazookas, grenades, a samurai sword for close-range combat and of course, a machine gun.

Even though she's still dressed in pink, this really isn't the Barbie anyone should be messing with.