- Jun 24, 2013
Miniature things are both cute and fascinating. Some really make you wonder how one could craft something so tiny yet intricately detailed with a pair of bare hands.

Anything redesigned to look drastically smaller than its original size is considered mini. Take for instance, the Mame-Cam by Japanese electronics company Thanko. This camera is probably the smallest you’ve seen—fingertip-sized,—but it’s fully functional and even records quality videos. It’s a surprise that a microSD card can even fit in the tiny piece of technology.

Harvard University invented the World’s smallest flying robots earlier this year. The bug-sized robots are smaller than a paperclip and weigh less than a skinny toothpick. Yet they have wings that flap at 120 times in one second. The electronics industry has recently seen big advances in microscopic technology—it’s exciting to wonder what miniature things we’ll be seeing next.

From Mini Cork Planters to the World’s Smallest Flying Robot: