These Pencil Lead Sculptures are Immaculately Detailed

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: boredpanda
Look at the detail in the snake scales and in the chain link; you are looking at the exquisite details of carved pencil lead sculptures. Hungarian artist Cerkahegyzo uses needles, sandpaper, files and pins to contrive minuscule creations from the lead of a single pencil. He must have the world's steadiest hand and unbreakable concentration to create such miniature masterpieces.

In an impressive (to say the least) series of pencil lead sculptures, Cerkahegyo creates realistic figurine sized items such as chains, a set of keys, a sewing kit, a cup of tea and the coco Chanel birdcage.

I urge you to check out this remarkable display, keeping in mind that Cerkahegyos' skilled hand carves these details from the middle of the pencil without detaching the tip from the eraser.