This Mini Bow and Arrow Will Provide People with a Lot Fun

 - May 19, 2013
References: youtube & theawesomer
If you find yourself with the sudden urge to re-create the Battle of Hastings in a smaller scale, then this mini bow and arrow tutorial is perfect for that particular need.

Little girls and boys have taken up archery when the Hunger Games movie came out, since real bows and arrows are expensive this mini bow and arrow should satisfy their needs. YouTube user Dave Hax shows how to make your very own mini bow and arrow, along with flaming arrows. To build this miniature construct of destruction all you need are simple household items: pop sticks, dental floss and a cotton Q-tip bud.

The weapons made from this tutorial are safe enough for children to play with at children parties or at any other time, as long as the flaming arrows are kept away from them.