The JnPol DSLR Camera Miniature Necklaces are Adorably

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: etsy
The JnPol DSLR camera miniature necklaces are an adorable tech-inspired accessory for your camera-wielding friends. Using polymer clay and resin accents, this Etsy designer creates whimsical and detailed pendants.

The pint-sized necklaces are certainly scaled-down in comparison to a full-fledged DSLR. However, all the charms and features that make a Nikon or a Canon what it is have not been missed. The necklaces can also be customized with personalized images on the camera's display screen. Whether you want yours on a long, delicate chain or strung like a cellphone charm, the microscopic models can be crafted to your liking.

While most photographers are never far from their tools of the trade, the JnPol DSLR camera miniature necklaces are a fun way for them to alway carry their equipment.