Alice Bartlett's Nail Art Spawns a Petite Craze

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: flickr & design-milk
London-based computer coder Alice Bartlett delved into the miniature art world while browsing the model train section of a craft store. She took up interest in the idea of a fingertip photoshoot, one that would make use of faux grass and dwarf-sized dolls.

Bartlett is quick to point out her disinterest in the latest nail trends. She instead wishes to create captivating images by way of one's hands, the perfect set for a miniscule production.

These faded snapshots betray a sense of grandeur despite the petite scale that Bartlett worked with. Those who wish to follow in her footsteps can line the figurines throughout living rooms and kitchens post photo-op, providing the tiniest of decorative pieces.