Paul Chiappe Renders Photoreal Images on Confined Canvases

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: paulchiappe & juxtapoz
Artists showing off their photorealistic rendering capabilities with nothing more than a pencil isn’t innovative per se, but Paul Chiappe differs from his peers in that he draws his images on ridiculously small canvases. The pictures themselves are about the size of a man’s thumb, but even more impressive is the amount of detail Chiappe is able to convey within these miniature illustrations. His ability to replicate a visual with barely any room to work in is simply astonishing. Look closely enough, in fact, and you may even convince yourself that you’re staring at a photograph.

Paul Chiappe is based in Edinburgh and his creations are regularly exhibited stateside and in his native United Kingdom. He often uses vintage pictures as reference, so viewers are treated to microscopic visuals from yearbooks, classroom photos and personal portraits.