This Cellphone Charger by Devotec is Super Small & Convenient to Carry

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: mocoloco & technabob
With cellphone usage continuing to expand daily, the need for practical and portable chargers is subsequently increasing as well, and these micro fuel-shaped chargers by Devotec are creatively designed to fit right onto your keychain.

Designed in the shape of a miniature gasoline tank, this micro-sized cellphone charger made from die-cast aluminum is able to charge your phone to last an extra 20 to 30 minutes while on-the-go. Creatively equipped with a mini USB plug beneath the fuel-shaped cap, this charger device is perfectly designed for individuals to carry it with them while out and about, by simply placing it on their keychains or in their pockets.

While this charger may not power your phone with enough energy to last hours or days, it's practical enough to give your cellular device enough juice to last that extra few minutes you always seem to need.