Vitaliy Kliushkin Provides an Alternate Reality in His Work

 - May 2, 2014
References: cargocollective & itsnicethat
There's little known about Vitaliy Kliushkin, a Ukraine-based designer and artist who describes himself as having been "born in the future." However, a comprehensive biography on Kliushkin is not necessary to enjoy his work; the images speak for themselves.

Kliushkin isn't afraid to experiment with his photographs, staging and producing images that will stick with you long after you've seen them. These include particularly surrealistic images, such as one of a woman's blonde plait cascading from her mouth.

Like with his biography, Kliushkin isn't interested in providing an in-depth narrative for each photograph; he prefers to rely on the power of illusion. The resulting mystery and confusion makes each image especially enticing to the eye. By playing with reality and conventional logic, Kliushkin ensures that the series allures, delights and bemuses.