The Noemenus Quarterly Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer Shoot Blooms

The latest Nomenus Quarterly Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2012 editorial features a variety of vibrant and eye-catching florals. The shoot, lensed by photographer Erik Madigan Heck, showcases a bold and fearless wardrobe styled by Heidi Bivens. Model Mary Cann stars in the shoot while wearing the latest styles from Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

The bright and fiercely feminine editorial features fitted floral pants, long, structured coats, tailored figure-hugging dresses, textured blazers and flower-decorated and vintage-inspired turbans that act as the shoot's main accessory.

The stunning editorial is an over-saturated portrait series that blends a dynamic backdrop with intense floral ensembles. Mary resembles the subject of a complex painting with the photographs' rich textures resembling expressive brush strokes. The model's pale complexion stands out among a rich sea of color, making her resemble a collaged paper doll.

Image Credit: Erik Madigan