The SMITH/GREY Bulls and Roses Collection is Ornate and Animalistic

 - Sep 5, 2013
References: notjustalabel & notjustalabel
Embodying a surrealist art aesthetic, the SMITH/GREY 'Bulls and Roses' collection catalog challenges a viewer's perception. Based in London, UK, the label's talented designers Birgit Marie and Sofus studied at the Royal College of Art and payed homage to both animalistic and romantic themes in this line of accessories.

The designer duo create animalistic wrap rings, horn-adorned dual rings and flower-shaped earrings along with a slew of other ornate accessories. Showcased in yellow gold, silver and black metal finishes, the SMITH/GREY 'Bulls and Roses' collection explores the cultural symbolism of jewellery and its relation to animals.

Whether referencing Hinduism's embellishment of cows or the similar tradition of decorating cattle in the Alps, this accessory line is displayed in a surreal catalog that displays jewellery on cropped body part images that are collaged atop a pale pink backdrop.