Artist Aliza Razell Incorporates Watercolor into Her Self-Portraits

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: flickr & thisiscolossal
The art of self-portraits has been taken to whole new heights thanks to the magic that is Photoshop, yet artist Aliza Razell has decided to focus on the surreal in a more tangible manner. She incorporates vibrant strokes of watercolor on top of her black and white images, which introduces a visually striking element to them. Whether Aliza Razell gives herself wings or a ghostly companion, her world is one filled with colorful magic.

Currently based in Massachusetts, United States, Aliza Razell happens to be the older sister of young photgorapher Fiddle Oak, who is also known for creating whimsical scenes. Creativity and imagination run in the family, it seems. Of course, the work of Aliza Razell is very refreshing to see and enjoy.