The Original/Ideal Project Examines

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: scottchasserot & refinery29
Scott Chasserot's Original/Ideal project blends the worlds of art and science to examine how we respond to western beauty standards and, more importantly, our own faces.

Chasserot began by taking his subject's portrait. He then proceeded to edit each image to either comply, or deviate, from what western standards of beauty. The participants looked at the edited images while connected to a brain-activity monitor. Their preferences were noted by using ectroencephalography, otherwise known as EEG. The Emotiv tool measured the intensity and timing of each neural reaction, indicating the subject's favorite version of their own face.

The series compares the original photo with subject's "ideal" face, and the results are astonishing. Some of the faces only have a few tweaks, while others barely resemble their God-given appearance.