The Force by Tomaas is Innocently Dark and Supernatural

 - Apr 11, 2014
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The Force by Tomaas, a photographer based in New York, New York, is a photo series depicting the power of a young witch. Darkly supernatural and innocently youthful, the juxtaposition between the two brings to mind films such as 'Interview with the Vampire' and 'The Neverending Story.' It is as though model Marta Krylova is channeling both actresses Kirsten Dunst and Tami Stronach in the role, even though she appears to have a greater power than the two combined.

Shot in studio against a black abyss, The Force by Tomaas is rife with crackling energy that will raise hairs on the back of the viewers neck just as it does to the blonde child herself. She was styled in enchanting ensembles by Carlton Jones.