Shoreditch Wildlife Documents Reckless Lifestyles

 - Oct 31, 2014
References: dougiewallace & itsnicethat
In his new book, 'Shoreditch Wildlife,' photographer Dougie Wallace captures the grit, grime and debauchery of London's notorious East End neighborhood.

The issue of gentrification aside, Shoreditch is a happy mix of back-packers passing through, licentious, drunken regulars and some downright eccentric characters. It is this peculiar hodge-podge of people that have made the place so intriguing, especially for Wallace, who takes on the role of an anthropologist exploring a new community.

Wallace's series is an honest look at Shoreditch's illustrious inhabitants, capturing even their lowest low with an integrity and sincerity. No matter what state the subject is in, each image is alluring and compelling, much like peeking into a subversive, sometimes-grotesque world and feeling like a tourist.