Travel by Magdalena Wosinska is a Series for Dreamers and Adventurists

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: magdalenawosinska & itsnicethat
Travel by Magdalena Wosinska, a photographer born in Katowice, Poland, and based in Los Angeles, California, is a series of images that capture raw and romantic images as she trots around the globe. Her work conveys a sense of an endless summer, a feeling that most people would do anything to never give up, especially after the winter many experienced this past year.

From vast landscapes to candid portraits and architectural captures, Travel by Magdalena Wosinska boasts a wide range of subject matter. Yet they all tie in neatly. It helps that the photographer has a definitive style. As written on her website, she "captures a youthful energy, spontaneity and authentic sense of fun. She shoots all the time, carrying a camera on her should and preferring to be part of the moment."