- Sep 8, 2015
With the current refugee crisis in Europe, refugee aid is on everyone's mind.

These 24 innovations all help refugees in some way. Some of the projects -- like Save the Children's series of illustrations of child marriages and photographer Giles Duley's portraits of Syrian refugees -- aim to raise awareness.

Other innovations contribute to refugee aid by helping new-comers find housing or employment in their country of arrival. For example, a German app helps pair refugees with people willing to offer accommodation in their homes. A traveling pop-up restaurant in London hosts a different refugee chef each night.

Even further refugee aid is accomplished by inventing items that can be of great use in refugee camps. Affordable, compact incubators for premature infants, easy-assemble housing and recyclable bamboo dorms are just a few of the innovations dreamed up to combat the conditions in refugee camps.

From Asylum-Offering Apps to Inexpensive Inflatable Incubators: