Weaving a Home Proposes an Efficient Shelter for Displaced Families

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: abeerseikaly & tuvie
The Weaving a Home project explored the ways in which families and entire communities could be offered life's most basic comforts in the event of geographic displacement. Abeer Seikaly came up with a design that's taken inspiration from woven baskets, paper lanterns and snakeskin for an intriguing outcome that's lightweight, compact, portable and offers a quality level of protection.

Refugees of war and natural disasters could unfold the tent easily to expand its accordion-style walls, coming to form an abode in the shape of an igloo. Its skin would be made from a framework of sinuous structural tubing that would be covered by weatherproof fabric. Pockets in the exterior are optimized for heat absorption and ventilation. Weaving a Home would harvest a small amount of energy to store in its battery, plus it would collect rainwater for drinking and bathing.