This Pizza Delivery Service Reaches the 83,000 People at Zaatari Camp

 - Feb 19, 2015
References: mashable
In an endeavor to make a little money and bring joy to the refugee camp, a 48 year old former electrician started a pizza delivery service in Jordan's Zaatari camp. Abu Mahmoud established Mu'ajanat Esalam, also known as the Pizzeria of Peace, with another local man to reach over 83,000 displaced Syrians living in the makeshift city.

Offering home delivery, the pizza delivery service uses bicycles to deliver their pies, reaching the approximate 83,819 people who live in the refugee camp. While a pizza place is probably the last thing you would associate with the Syrian civil war, business is booming at the Pizzeria of Peace. In fact, the camp has its own local economy with a market bringing over $10 million a month.