Joan Fontcuberta Creates Alternate Realities in His Photographs

'Stranger than Fiction' is an accurate title for Joan Fontcuberta's latest exhibit, which is currently on display at The Science Museum's Media Space.

Fontcuberta's work distorts our expectations of reality by adding fantastical, fictional elements. Whether it's eccentric taxidermy, forged documents or carefully orchestrated scenes intended to evoke wonder and curiosity, Fontcuberta's art is certainly unconventional. His distortions do have a greater purpose than merely being visually appealing, however; Fontcuberta aims to question the presumed reliability of photography by revealing how vulnerable it is to permutation.

That being said, simply browsing his work is incredibly rewarding. His scenes often resemble archeological excavations, complete with mythological creations such mermaid skeletons or snakes with legs. The blending of scientific and mythic is what makes his work extraordinary.