Artist Cesar Biojo Plays with the Idea of Creation & Destruction

 - Jul 28, 2014
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Cesar Biojo, an artist currently working on a Ph.D. in Art Research at the University of Barcelona, creates intentionally destroyed paintings. Revolving around photo realistic nude portraits, everything from the faces to the bodies have been distorted with chaotic brushstrokes. Yet it appears to represent something more than a simple disruption.

The intentionally destroyed paintings appear to be a reflection of a state of mind and being. Not to mention that they also play with the idea of creation and destruction on a higher level. As written on his Facebook page, "His work becomes an introspective study of human beings, their conflicts, their nature and existence." Overall, the artworks are quite simple aside from the haphazard brushstrokes. The backdrops are plain, which allow the subject to stand out all the more.