Filipe Carvalho's Star Wars Icons are Two-Dimensional

 - Jul 5, 2014
References: & fastcodesign
Filipe Carvalho takes a less-is-more approach to his Star Wars icons, which are drastically simple and two-dimensional. The latter description can often be used to reference something that's lacking in depth. However, in the case of Star Wars, which has been mutated countless times, the minimalist aesthetic of Carvalho's prints is very refreshing and appealing.

It seems weird, considering the vast nature of the mysterious, ever-elusive Internet, that there was something 'Star Wars' that hadn't already been done. However, Carvalho explains, "I looked up online and apparently there isn't any set of flat design/long shadow design Star Wars Icons."

Carvalho's interpretation of the characters is a flat design that shows off their paper-cute nature, enhances the long shadow and simulates strong light sources and sharp cast shadow.