Huffington Post Compiles the Most Peculiar Pork Innovations to Date

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: huffingtonpost
The obsession people have over a particular pork dish has resulted in a slew of bizarre bacon creations. Huffington Post has taken it upon themselves to compile a list of '19 Times Bacon Went Too Far,' to show people that sometimes too much of a good thing can actually be very, very bad.

Whether these bizarre bacon creations involves bacon-flavored icing for cakes, a beer stein made entirely out of the meat strips or, perhaps the weirdest of all, a barbecued bacon-wrapped alligator, the madness appears to know no end. Huffington Post may have stopped at 19, but there are sure to be many more strange designs not only from the past, but also to be looked forward to in the future.