GoTenna by Daniela Perdomo is a Hi-Tech Walkie Talkie

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: static.gotenna & fastcompany
GoTenna is a no service texting device that is most easily explained by comparing it to a walkie talkie. It is a slim pen-like gadget that helps people communicate to others who carry one as well. This ensures that even when a person doesn't have access to cellphone service, they are not actually in a blackout scenario.

Created by Daniela Perdomo with the help of her brother Jorge, the no service texting device is Bluetooth-enabled to allow for people to connect. Compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone, its range is highly dependent on location, yet in an open field it can reach about 50 miles. Absolutely impressive, GoTenna was conceived after Perdomo was left communication-less when Hurricane Sandy hit New York back in 2012.