The Hamburger Crocs Fast Food Shoes Make an Unattractive Shoe Look Tasty

 - Jul 16, 2014
References: akihabaranews & gizmodiva
Whether you find Crocs appealing or not, these fast food shoes do look pretty tasty. The Crocband Hamburger Clog features a very dark brown bun, a thick layer of ketchup and a wavy piece of green lettuce that tops a black layer of beef on the sole. The dots on the Crocs even work perfectly as some sort of seed that looks like it's been sprinkled on top of the strange hamburger shoes.

The unusual version of the summery clogs will be launching exclusively in Japan for $49. If you're a fan of a burger that's dressed a little bit differently, it's always possible to add a few decorative Jibbitz to the shoes, including buttons shaped like fries, mini burgers and drinks.