Martin Azua's Beautiful Beast Pierces the Skin with Its Spidery Legs

 - Jul 19, 2014
References: martinazua & mocoloco
Although there are a lot of people who would be freaked out by the idea of having a tarantula or anything spider-like crawling on them, Martín Azúa's 'Beautiful Beast' is intriguing. In addition to just looking like a spider, the jewelry piece also functions like one. The insect-inspired jewelry piece has eight pincer-like legs, which are pointed and sharp. Since there are no chains or pins, Azúa describes that in order to wear his design, "A temporal piercing which incorporates pain as an unavoidable aspect of the jewel."

The process of application and removal becomes almost surgical with the aid of a special object that separates the spider-like jewelry piece from the skin. Although wearing the Beautiful Beast may seem crazy, the pursuit of beauty has always played with the painful.