From Greek Pillar Rings to Avant-Garde Jewelry

 - Oct 9, 2015
It is a well-known fact that art inspires art, evident in these exquisite pieces of architecture-inspired jewelry. The most creative people borrow from other realms or industries that they do not exist in every day. By doing so, their imaginations are sparked by looking at things that may be the norm in another design world, like architecture, but not in their own.

Jewelry's small surface areas can get difficult to innovate, however inspiration from large structures can help. Examples of this lie in industrial architecture-inspired pieces like RENVI's rings that mimic Greek pillars.

Concrete is a surprising medium that provides a unique aesthetic -- one that is more stark and simplistic than the classic gemstone inlay. Designer Mareike Kanafani's structural concrete ring proves that the monotone material can be eye-catching indeed.