Daniel Spoerri Turns Finished Meals into 3D Wall-Mounted Art

 - Jul 15, 2014
References: danielspoerri.org & psfk
The art of food is given a whole new perspective in these dining table artworks. At first they may appear to be aerial photographs of finished meals or even extremely detailed paintings, but in reality they are three dimensional sculptures that are made up of actual dishware and tabletops.

A clever and creative series put together by Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri, the dining table artworks capture moments in time just after he and his friends enjoyed a meal together. Dubbed 'snare pictures,' everything from utensils to serving dishes and even scraps of food are secured to the surface they rested upon before turning them upright to be mounted to a wall. Psfk notes, "The times immortalized in these carefully preserved tables is a reminder that sitting down for a meal should mean more than just shoveling food in between texts."