Takayuki Ogawa Created A Typeface Out of Realistic Looking Mouths

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: ufunk.net & designtaxi
This unsettling artistic alphabet designed by Takayuki Ogawa is made out of expressive mouths and other oral components. 'Oral:phabet' is arranged in a wooden case, taking a physical form rather than just a graphic one that could only be viewed online. The white sculptures have pink embellishments, but are otherwise very sterile looking. The white-painted lips have a particularly unusual esthetic.

The alphabet Takayuki Ogawa created uses very realistic models of mouths, teeth and tongues. The images from this project show the sculptural alphabet and its crate from a variety of angles. The strange typography imagined by the Japanese artist follows on the concept of humanistic typefaces, but in a more physical and orally-fixated way.