MIT Research Allows Silkworm Mimicked 3D Printed Architecture

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: & dezeen
MIT Research has enabled the ability to create a building with the use of 3D printing and some inspiration from the silkworm. They plan on imitating the way in which the silkworm creates its cocoon.

A computer arm will print out a silk-like material that is made out of biodegradable glue. Unlike traditional 3D printing, this will be done without the use of support and will kind of just flow out. This MIT research process is very much like how a silkworm makes its cocoon.

This isn't the first time humans have used inspiration from animals. Animals are wonderful and amazing beings that possess traits and abilities that can offer us all kinds of lessons. From getting a better understanding of these creatures and using it in a positive way, humanity will continue to benefit greatly.