This 3D Printer Can Build Ten Houses in a Day Using Recycled Materials

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: yhbm & gizmag
China-based company Winsun demonstrated the impressive capabilities of its giant 3D printer by using it to construct ten 3D-printed houses in less than 24 hours. The homes are largely constructed out of recycled materials and are cheap enough -- less than $5,000 each -- to be constructed in large quantities to ease housing crises in developing countries.

Each small house takes very little labor to assemble, and costs as little as $4,800. Winsun hopes to make them available for low income housing projects.

The 3D printer doesn't print the homes in one go, instead creating building blocks by layering a cement-and-glass mix in structural patterns. This allows for a diagonally reinforced print pattern that leaves gaps of air to provide insulation. The blocks are then printed in a central factory and assembled on site.

This efficient, low-cost construction process requires minimal manual labor, opening up possibilities for rapidly 3D-printed houses to be put together to ease housing crises.