‘Digital Grotesque’ is an Impressively Massive Sculpture

Artists are raising the bar on the standards of creativity and in the realm of 3D printing, ‘Digital Grotesque’ is top notch creative project. Created by architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, the project is actually the world’s first 3D printed room.

The structure’s 260 million surfaces were designed through a computer and printed in sections to eventually bind together. The enclosure measures 16 feet and weighs an incredible 11 tons. Now that’s a serious accomplishment for a printer!

The ‘Digital Grotesque’ project is compelling and inspiring. With feats like this it is easy to imagine the many ways this technology could improve research methods, archaeological recreation, and artistic designing endeavors in the future. According to its website, "additive manufacturing heralds a revolution in fabrication for design."

With all the great detail and multiple dimensions, it is truly a surprise that it all came out of a 3-Dimensional printer.