The QR Code Smart Seal Enables Users to Distribute Data Easily

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: yankodesign
Giving someone a thumb drive to share something with them usually means having to chase them down afterward to get the drive back, but the QR Code Smart Seal makes it easier to distribute data.

The QR Code Smart Seal works by enabling users to upload data online and create a QR code that directs devices to the file(s). Users can then download the information without the need to have a thumb drive or a physical piece of technology with them. This is an exceptional conceptual product design that would make it easier to distribute data for marketing or promotional purposes. The device can be used to create a seemingly infinite number of QR codes to never have to worry about needing a thumb drive again.

The QR Code Smart Seal is the design work of Shuai Ma, Shuai Yang, JunYu Zhang and Fang Xu.