From Powerful Micro PCs to Security System Routers

 - Feb 28, 2016
The world's first computers may have taken up entire rooms in order to run, but the top February 2016 computer ideas are a testament to how far modern computing has come.

At CES 2016, some of the world's leading computer manufacturers impressed attendees with pocket-sized computers and servers. A standout is Endless Computers' Endless Mini, a small spherical computer that's designed to increase net accessibility to the developing world.

While computers of today are getting smaller, peripherals are also becoming much smarter. For instance, some of the most impressive mouse designs are now adopting flexible forms that enable users to carry out more tasks with greater comfort.

As the use of technology becomes ingrained in daily life, these February 2016 computer trends indicate that consumers desire ultra-compact and streamlined designs that won't interfere with routine tasks.