The Compulab Airtop Mini Desktop PC is High-Performance without a Fan

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: linuxgizmos & geeky-gadgets
Computer systems require fans in order to cool components that inherently generate heat, but the design of the new Compulab Airtop Mini Desktop PC does away with fans without sacrificing power.

Traditional fanless PCs will reach a maximum output of about 20W, but the Compulab Airtop Mini Desktop PC is designed to work to a whopping 200W with ease. The secret to the design is the way that it encourages cool air to be drawn from the bottom, allowing hot air to vent from the top portion and sides.

Subsequently, Compulap has not only been able to supercharge capacities for the PC, but has also made it the quietest available. The elimination of a fan within PCs helps to decrease the number of moving pieces for increased efficiency and portability.