This Ergonomic Keyboard Design is a Functional DIY Model

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: github & 3dprint
It's now fairly common to see curved and ergonomic keyboards, but The Dactyl Keyboard takes these two forms further. The Dactyl Keyboard is a 3D-printed creation by Matt Adereth, who created a keyboard that's defined as being one that's parameterized, split-hand, concave and columnar.

The framework of the keyboard would take some time to print and there is additional time required for the assembly of each key on the board. However, as a result, a user is able to create a completely custom keyboard that's better suited to the natural movements of the hand when typing. Like a regular keyboard, once everything has been assembled, the entire unit is propped up on a set of pegs.

The open source ergonomic keyboard design has been shared on GitHub under a Creative Commons License.