From Barbecue Board Games to Intense Arcade Simulators

 - Mar 25, 2016
As many of the top March 2016 game ideas reflect, what was once old is new again. While arcade games have the ability to onset nostalgia, a new wave of these gaming machines are being created to entertain the next generation of gamers. Some of the most interesting arcade games take inspiration from apps, Olympic games and even horror movies. In this same theme, board games are also being revamped with creative new twists. For instance, rather than trying to win at Monopoly by buying up properties, the latest Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition challenges players to bankrupt one another.

While mobile and virtual gaming are on the rise, consumers are seeking tangible ways to play and capture their favorite gaming moments. As a result, developers are introducing an impressive range of in-game services. Firewatch Photos allows gamers to take screenshots while playing and receive them as prints in the mail. Similarly, G2A 3D+ is a service that allows gamers to use a freeze-frame to select items for 3D printing.