The Street Fighter V Game Offers Spectacular Gameplay For Modern Gamers

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: streetfighter & engadget
Judging by the screenshots and videos, Street Fighter V is surely set to become one of the best and most popular combat video games of all time.

This particular reincarnation of Street Fighter features a brilliant story mode that essentially bridges the events of Street Fighter IV with its prequel of sorts, Street Fighter III. As far as visuals are concerned, this game features combat scenes in magnificently colored backdrops, featuring classic characters like Ryu and Dhalsim reimagined as chiselled, fearsome looking fighters made all the more spectacular to look at thanks to the wonders of modern game visualization technology.

For gamers of a certain vintage, nothing quite beats Street Fighter for sheer adrenaline-pumping kickass entertainment. The Street Fighter V game plays on that nostalgia by welcoming back old-school Street Fighter enthusiasts, whilst also introducing the new generation of combat gamers to a part of fight game history in a new and modernized package.