- Feb 12, 2016
These examples of post-apocalyptic entertainment demonstrate that consumers are eager to engage in terrifying situations both online and real life. Indeed, zombie content remains a popular choice for video games, but it has also taken on real-life applications.

Although the idea of zombie-themed video games is nothing new, the way that users experience these games is changing. Not only are these games more realistic, but they also offer a more immersive experience. For example, an Australian company called Zero Latency is using VR technology to develop an immersive zombie-hunting game for a truly terrifying experience.

Beyond online gaming, the biggest innovations in post-apocalyptic entertainment consist of real life applications. These applications demonstrate that consumers are eager to blur the lines between fantasy and reality by recreating a realistic zombie experience. For instance, the Zombie Run simulates an apocalyptic event, while Boltwell B72 Foundation Kit supplies consumers with everything they need to survive a real zombie invasion.

From Zombie Supply Stores to Cinematic Zombie Pranks: