DayZ by Dean Hall Leaves the Gamer Struggling with Morality

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: dayzgame & fastcompany
The newly launched DayZ game by developer Dean Hall is a multiplayer PC game set in a zombie apocalypse and has already surpassed its one millionth download in less than a month since its release. Hall was inspired by his experience from serving in the New Zealand army in 2010, when he was sent on a survival training course that nearly got him killed in Brunei, leaving Hall questioning why a soldier has to go through what he experienced.

The result is a game that is capable of inducing psychological tension and an emotional feedback from the player. This tension comes from the use of permadeath in the game, meaning players will only have one life and can run the risk of losing everything they have if they get killed. In addition, there are scarce resources for survival with the inclusion of zombies.