This Cabin is Specially Designed to Fend Off Hordes of the Undead

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: kickstarter & gizmag
UK-Based Tiger Sheds is gearing up for the worst this Halloween as they attempt to crowdfund a special zombie-proof cabin.

The proposed project will be fully suited for a comfortable stay should the dead decide to rise from the ground. Equipped with all the amenities, the two story 'Zombie Fortification Cabin' will feature a kitchen, living room, toilet, storage area for weapons, two bedrooms, a secure garden for growing vegetables and a workout gym. To help keep its inhabits safe, the zombie-proof concept cabin will also be outfitted with an escape hatch, upper deck to provide a 360 view, reinforced windows and barbed wire to help keep hungry zombies at bay.

No shelter is truly finished without a little entertainment of course, so the 'Zombie Fortification Cabin' also comes with a TV, sound system and Xbox gaming system as well.