The Knights and Bikes Game is Set In the Late 1980s

 - Feb 10, 2016
References: kickstarter & engadget
Knights and Bikes is a delightfully inventive, innovative and potentially addictive game that embraces the lovable format of a proper childhood adventure game.

Conceived by Rex Crowle and Moo Yu of Media Molecule, this game is essentially a cop-op adventure game, the protagonists of which are two friends who find themselves on an island near Cornwall. The duo's mission is to save their beloved town from financial destruction and scary spirits. In the game, you'll find yourself riding around in a bicycle, assisting villagers and battling evil creates with weapons ranging from frisbees to power gloves.

This adventure game features truly gorgeous artwork which will keep you sufficiently visually stimulated, whilst the interactive gameplay -- filled with delightful British twists and references -- will keep your brain buzzing with engagement.