The Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster Lets You Destroy Imaginary Zombies

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: nerf.hasbro & toyland.gizmodo
The idea of a chainsaw toy might not sound like the safest thing, but this is in fact a completely child-safe product that allows children to live out their chainsaw fantasies without hurting themselves or anybody else.

The Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster not only has a badass name but also works really well -- this weaponized toy is actually capable of firing eight foam darts from each of its barrels. At $30, this toy is not too expensive to pick up for your child and is sure to give them countless hours of enjoyment.

This chainsaw toy is a product that encourages children to live out their wildest post-apocalyptic zombie-annihilating fantasies, and the ways they can play with this toy are limited by their own imagination alone.