From Tablet Loom Toys to Conversational Smart Toys

 - Feb 27, 2016
The most popular February 2016 toy products approach play as a time for kids to explore what they know about the world and enhance skills that will contribute to successes in later life.

To encourage curiosity in young children, a number of high-tech toys are being equipped with sensors to enhance discovery and the connections that can be made between ideas. For instance, the Mozbii is a kid-sized stylus that allows kids to scan colors in the physical world and then use the captured colors for drawing in an accompanying app.

There are also many toys emerging that are designed to teach kids about everything from computer science to entrepreneurialism. One of the best examples of this comes from Fashion Angels, which provides a line of 'It's My Biz' kits that teach young girls how to turn their talents in jewelry, cooking or makeup into viable businesses.