This Wooden Gun Provides Serves as a Playful Game for Adults

 - Jan 5, 2016
References: amazon & hiconsumption
The RBMG 01 is a wooden gun that shoots rubber bands with just the squeeze of the trigger. In recent years, many adults have found creative ways to reclaim popular childhood pastimes. While many people turn to projects such as crafts or coloring, this toy provides a more thrilling way for adults to embrace their inner child.

The RBMG 01 is a wooden gun that can shoot 10 rounds of rubber bands per second. The toy features a motor firing device, a battery and a small trigger that make it easy to hit the desired target. The body of the toy is made from laser cut wood parts and can be assembled in just 30 minutes. The device can hold 63 rubber bands a time, making it the perfect tool for adults who want to engage in a bit of friendly fire.