Hello Kitty is Given a Mazinger Z Makeover with This Brand New Toy

Super robot Mazinger Z and Hello Kitty join forces for a co-branded toy that displays both of the characters' recognizable aesthetics.

While Hello Kitty is an international figure people of all ages have come to love and appreciate, Mazinger Z is a lesser known character from a manga series. With both characters originating in Japan, the two brands have come together to create one outstanding toy which gives the iconic feline a robotic makeover. With this toy, Hello Kitty is coated in Mazinger's iconic chrome as well as its red, blue, black and yellow accents. The toy comes with a series of new modes and features which include driving modes, flight mode, underwater mode and a rocket punch launcher.

Fans of both Mazinger Z and Hello Kitty can expect this toy to launch in May 2016 for 7800 yen.