This Air France Concorde Model is Made Out of LEGO Bricks

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: flickr & brothers-brick
Ryan McNaught, who is famous for crafting together a spectacular yet saddening 120,000-piece LEGO model of the Titanic breaking apart in two pieces, has now come up with a ridiculously detailed Air France Concorde model that replicates the supersonic jet to intricate detail.

This particular McNaught effort is made out of 65,000 Lego pieces and measures a hefty 13 feet in length. What's incredible about this Concorde model is that it doesn't just depict the exterior of the iconic retired supersonic jet, but shows the airplane's innards and interior engineering as well.

The Air France Concorde is a part of aviation history and perhaps one day could even be reintroduced in some way, shape or form, but in the meantime, McNaught's intricate LEGO model is a great way to appreciate the engineering feat that was the Concorde.