'The Sneaker Game' is a Fun Activity for Footwear Fanatics

'The Sneaker Game' is a Kickstarter-funded project that is aimed at footwear fanatics. While some people view sneakers as a practical form of footwear, others obsess over the latest shoe designs. This game is perfect for those who are looking for a fun way to put their sneaker trivia skills to the test.

The Sneaker Game is a combination between a memory game and a form of trivia. The game requires users to track down matching pairs of sneakers while exploring the history of the most popular kicks. The game features four different levels of play, making it appropriate for sneaker fans of all ages. When not in use, all of the pieces can be packed up inside a mini sneaker box.

The sneaker-based trivia game is perfect for consumers who are looking for a fun way to indulge their love of classic footwear.