Monopoly Ultimate Banking Challenges Players to Make Others Go Broke

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: hasbro & toyland.gizmodo
A twist on the classic Monopoly game is being introduced with Hasbro's Monopoly Ultimate Baking Edition. Rather than collecting money and buying up as much property as possible, this edition challenges players to get others to go bankrupt.

The game comes with an ATM that handles all financial transactions, which simplifies cash-counting, speeds up gameplay and reduces the chances of cheating. In addition to scanning a player's credit card, which accounts for money collected in the game, the banking unit also keeps track of property and chance cards, which can also be scanned with bar codes.

There are also new life event cards that will impact gameplay for all players. For instance, rent and the entire in-game economy have the ability to fluxuate and either help or hinder players.