The Astro Pi Raspberry Pi Case is Now Available to be 3D-Printed

British astronaut Tim Peake brought two specially designed Raspberry Pi computers with him (dubbed the Astro Pi) to the International Space Station and now the Raspberry Pi case design is available for download.

A mere eight of the original Astro Pi computer cases were created and are available from the brand with a price tag of £3,000. However, in a bid to support the foundation's commitment to maker culture, they have released the .STL files to enable users to create their very own case with a 3D printer.

The Astro Pi Raspberry Pi case original is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum that was created using a CNC mill. While users might not be able to recreate it to the exact specifications, the ability of the 3D printer file allows users to feel like they're a part of the history being made.